Thursday, 2 June 2011

Hello everyone!

Well as this is my first post i guess i should introduce myself.
My name is Jayden, and i'm a first year engineering student.
Next week are my first exams and from now on i will be giving all my followers tips on how to get through the semester without failing. Hopefully.

Here is Tip number 1:

Assignments are a bitch. There is no way around them and everyone is worth points toward your final grade.
If you are doing physics you may of gotten a website given to you called MasteringPhysics.
They have stock questions so a quick Google search will help you get the answers to get over 100% on the assignment.
BE WARNED! If you take this approach you could be fucking yourself in the end, so always study and dont fall behind!

Until next time cheers,


  1. Welcome. I'm a pre-med student, so I know how ridiculous college-level science classes can be.

  2. Depends on the subject at times, for a few of mine I could do just a small piece of work and I'd have done enough to pass it, but I want good grades so need to work hard!

  3. Math homework & science lab reports freakin' kill me. Especially the lab reports - standard lab procedure is apparently turn a simple idea that takes about five words to describe into a full five paragraph essay on how you added so & so chemical to this beaker, etc etc etc...