Saturday, 4 June 2011

Server Greif.

Currently in processes of making a smp vanilla server. Alas something is stopping server from going online. I can get access on my computer, but noone else is able to join!
Anyone know what the problem is?

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Well since my first post was a success :D


All classes have different start times. Some days i start at 9, but some i start at 12.
So go out on the nights before the days with late starts. Try make it to every lecture and don't do what i did and not go to tutorials. BAD IDEA!.

Anyway bored of uni talk, i'm thinking of starting a minecraft server.
Do any of my followers have minecraft and would be interested in joining a nz based server?

Hello everyone!

Well as this is my first post i guess i should introduce myself.
My name is Jayden, and i'm a first year engineering student.
Next week are my first exams and from now on i will be giving all my followers tips on how to get through the semester without failing. Hopefully.

Here is Tip number 1:

Assignments are a bitch. There is no way around them and everyone is worth points toward your final grade.
If you are doing physics you may of gotten a website given to you called MasteringPhysics.
They have stock questions so a quick Google search will help you get the answers to get over 100% on the assignment.
BE WARNED! If you take this approach you could be fucking yourself in the end, so always study and dont fall behind!

Until next time cheers,